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Attitude and Gratitude
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attitude and gratitude cd

This CD was recorded and produced in Ireland and features some of Ireland's top musicians.
It is an acoustic blend of tunes on the dulcimer, three pieces featuring the sitar, including and Indian Raga, traditional and contemporary songs in English and Gaelic. This CD has already been reviewed in Ireland and is touted as 'miles above' any of our previous recordings. Along with the duet of Aodh Og O'Tuama and Christy are John Spillane (vocals), Steve Cooney (guitars), Niall Vallely (concertina), Nuala Ni Chanainn (fiddle / vocals), Pat Crowley (keyboards),
Noel Barrett (bass), and DanDan Fitzgerald (drums).

Track Information
Track Title Origin Time Sample
1 The Stolen Child W. B. Yeats / Loreena McKennitt 5:26  
2 Raga Bhairavi Christy Martin / Four Shillings Short 7:13
3 House of White Christy Martin / Four Shillings Short 5:05  

When the Cock Crows

Traditional 2:54
5 Moonshiner Traditional 3:32  
6 And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda Eric Bogle / Larrikin Pub, Sydney 5:23  
7 Wounded Hussar Set Traditional 6:26  
8 Back In Durham Jail Jez Lowe 4:29  
9 Mollai na gCuach Ni Chuileannain Eithne Ni h-Uallachain / Traditional 6:14  
10 Rosa de Rosas / Green Grow the Rushes Traditional / Robert Burns 5:27
11 Fox and the Hare Traditional 3:28  
12 Beidh Aonach Traditional 3:28
13 Lockport Christy Martin / Four Shillings Short 3:17  
14 Oak, Ash & Thorn Rudyard Kipling / Peter Bellamy 2:13  
15 Vandeham Saradam Swami Dayananda Saraswati 3:15  
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